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Sign up to Workshop or Problem solve with us!

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We hope that you can find a support for your work from this community. You can sign up so that we can spend 10-30 minutes during our monthly meeting, helping give you feedback on your work, problem solve, or just generally discuss something you'd like to bring up. If you are sharing an audio piece, we ask that you share a clip under 10 minutes in length.


Here are some examples of something you may be interested in discussing:

"I am producing a piece for a podcast, and the editors are from an urban place and don't seem to really understand the perspective I'm sharing, how can I communicate my needs to them?"

"I'm trying to get a radio/podcasting education program started in my local high school, and I need input"

"Here is a part of an episode I'm working on for my podcast, is there something I can do to improve my narration?"

"I report on rural communities but I am based in an urban area, how can I be respectful of rural people in my work?"

"I am producing this piece for a podcast, and I found out the subject has said some things online that I don't agree with, what should I do?"

Once you fill out this form, we will get back to you and let you know when you can share your work at one of our monthly meetings.


All levels are welcome, and we focus primarily on uplifting and learning from our members. In our meetings, we criticize ideas not people. We seek to understand one another, and it is okay to disagree.

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