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This list serves to help people find rural audio makers, it is listed in alphabetical order by state, and by country for the international locations of Alberta Canada, Mexico, and Rwanda

If you are interested in adding yourself, please go to our google sheet here

If you are here but need to change your information, email us at

If you have any other questions, you can email us at the above address


Alexander Richey, Birmingham, Alabama

enterprise reporting, mix engineer, sound design, composer

alexanderlrichey@gmail,com, 256-460-8515


Sarah Ventre, Phoenix, Arizona

Reporting, podcast production, editing, consulting;

Patricia Petelin, Flagstaff Arizona

story editing, writing, sound design;

Laurel Morales, Flagstaff, Arizona

Reporter, producer, editor


Daniel Caruth

Producer, reporter, announcer - social @DHCaruth

Graham Cifelli, Tulsa Oklahoma / Conway Arkansas

Freelance producer, host, photographer, and writer


Peter Arcuni, San Francisco Bay Area

Podcast producing/mixing/scoring, Reporting/writing

Avery Hellman, Petaluma CA//Markleeville, CA (on CA/NV Border)

Podcast production, story editing, music composition, Rural Radio Collective co-founder


Sheena Rossiter, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

Storytelling, Editing, Producing, Hosting, On-Air Talent. I am also a documentary filmmaker and have lots of experience in Video Production +1-780-707-2431


Stephanie Maltarich, Gunnison Colorado

Independent public radio reporter, podcast producer

Austin Cope, Cortez Colorado

Writing, interviewing, producing, reporting. Background in hosting, newscast production, and long-form interviews

Shanna Lewis, Southern Colorado

Journalist, producer, photographer

Taylor Fraser, Denver Colorado

Director of audiodrama podcast Foreward



Sarah Craig, Boulder Colorado

Reporting and producing long-form narrative projects. //

Esther Honig, Denver Colorado and Mexico City

Radio and print reporter. News features as well as podcast. Longform narrative nonfiction writing/storytelling /

Cat Jaffe, Durango Colorado and Denver Colorado

Founder of House of Pod, Field Producer + Story Editor, Full podcast productions with House of Pod


Anne Cardenas, Valrico Florida

Oral Historian and producer: research, interviewing, tape syncs, audio editing, video editing


Allison Salerno, Athens Georgia

Reporting, Editing, Producing


Lacy Jacobs, Northern ID / Missoula MT / Western MT /

I have experience doing it all, but specifically open to editing work right now


Suzanna Clores, Evanston Illinois

Storyteller, research, writing and host. I produce a podcast called The Extraordinary Project about the far edges of mental wellness bordering on the mystical.


Alex Chambers, Bloomington Indiana

Story editing, writing, sound design, reporting, producing /

Violet Baron, Bloomington Indiana

Co-founder of the Rural Radio Collective, production, reporting, editing, hosting. I have a background in print and an editorial/big-picture perspective

violet dot baron at gmail dot com

Jennifer Richler, Bloomington Indiana

Reporting, hosting, producing, editing


Taylor Killough, Louisville Kentucky

Writing/editing, interviewing, audio/editing, photo/video production + post, reporting


Ethan Bien, Lubec Maine

Producer, reporter, documentary filmmaker, writer, audio and video editor, grant writer, tape syncs, location sound


Tressa Versteeg, Brooklin Maine

producer, reporter, audio engineer, writer;

Heather Daniels Pusey, Blue Hill Maine

Audio Engineering, Producing, Recording |

Claire Tighe, Maine

Producer, reporter, professor at NYU (remote);

Galen Koch, Maine

Producing, reporting, writing, editing, sound design, tape syncs/recording /


Natasha Jacobs, Chesterfield Massachusetts

Sound Engineering, Sound Design, Editing


Esther Honig, Denver Colorado and Mexico City

Radio and print reporter. News features as well as podcast. Longform narrative nonfiction writing/storytelling /


Eleanor Nash, Kansas City MO

Producer, reporter, writer, social media


Megan Torgerson, Bozeman, Montana

Independent podcast producer of Reframing Rural

Jule Banville, Missoula Montana

Indpendent podcaster, journalism professor, editor

Nora Saks, Butte Montana

independent journalist, reporting and producing longform and narrative audio /

Megan Myscofski, Missoula Montana

Reporting, hosting, editing

Rachel Cramer, Bozeman Montana

Public radio reporter; audio editing

Lacy Jacobs, Missoula MT / Western MT / Northern ID

I have experience doing it all, but specifically open to editing work right now


Fil Corbitt, Reno, NV / Lake Tahoe / Northern Nevada

I make a podcast called The Wind. And also sometimes freelance Reporting, Editing, Producing, Music.

New Hampshire

Patrick McNameeKing, Concord NH

Audio Engineering, Mixing, Restoration, Sound Design/composition

New Mexico

Georgina Hahn, Santa Fe New Mexico

Reporting, Editing, Hosting, On-Air Talent, production, 575 742 8632

New York

Matthias Roeckl, Woodstock, Hudson Valley New York

Storytelling, Editing and Sound Design and produce the Funny Feelings Podcast. Also vast experience in Video Production


Jimmy Jordan, Ithaca New York

Reporting, editing, Producing, tape sync

Hannah Beal, Stephentown New York 

Producing, story editing, scripting, interviews, tape syncs, production managment etc.

Jonathan Sherburne, Rochester New York

Hosting, Editing, Writing, Sound Design, Photo/Video,

North Carolina

Anna Cassell, Durham North Carolina

Producing, writing, interviews, story editing, tape syncs, fixing, fact-checking.

Lilly Knoepp, Sylvia / Asheville North Carolina

Journalist, producing, story editing, scripting, interviews, tape syncs, production managment etc.


Graham Cifelli, Tulsa Oklahoma / Conway Arkansas

Freelance producer, host, photographer, and writer


Sarah Fox, Hood River Oregon

Podcast Host & founder, Hear in the Gorge /

Theo Witcomb Ashland Oregon

Research, radio and print. Features/long form /

Whitney Donielson

Transom Traveling alum, Tape synchs, producer, I make a podcast called People of the Valley., @pov_pod


Jenna Spinelle, State College Pennsylvania

Producer, reporter, writer, marketing/PR

Kevin Seaman, Barto Pennsylvania (outside of Philadelphia)

Tech Producer, Sound Design, Mixing //


Karangwa Joe Philbery, Kigali Rwanda

Producer, Journalist and Founder at Radio PeaceFm //

South Dakota

Malia Lukomski, Sioux Falls South Dakota

Editor, field reporter, producer /


Mary Helen Montgomery, Chattanooga Tennessee

Reporting, editing, story hunting, producing,


Ari Snider, Marfa Texas

Reporting, producing, editing, hosting

Rob Upchurch, Temple Texas

Podcast production, editing, reporting, media strategy and more!, (936) 870-7869

Jordan Gass-Pore', Seguin Texas

Podcast producer and investigative journalist, focusing on the climate crisis (water and air quality, Superfund sites, deforestation, etc.), education, history, LGBTQIA+, politics, health, and science. [Twitter and Instagram: @jgasspoore]


Natasha Haverty, Southern Vermont

Independent journalist, audio producer, interviewer

Otis Gray, Ludlow Vermont

Production, reporting, interviews, editing, sound design, scoring, writing, all things


Raven Forrest Fruscalzo, Spokane WA

Science communicator, producer, script writer, fact checking,

Megan Torgerson, Montana / Seattle WA

Rural Radio Collective leadership team, research, writing, podcast production. Produce a narrative/audio memoir podcast called Reframing Rural.

West Virginia

Molly Born, Charleston WV

Independent journalist, multimedia producer. (Production, reporting, editing, open records, documentary sound recording)


Emily Cohen, Jackson Wyoming

Reporting, Editing, Producing

Kamila Kudelska Cody Wyoming

Reporting, podcast production, editing, scripting, interviewing,

Willow Belden, Laramie Wyoming

Podcast host & founder, Out There Podcast |

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